Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sorry For Writing The Obvious Today, But This Was All I Had

This is such an odd time of year.  It always feels a little bit like limbo.  We aren't waiting for Thanksgiving or Christmas, there has been the first snows so that precipitation is no longer magical and the cold weather only makes us long for spring.

However, this is the time of year when I find everyone is obsessed with the weather.  

Its as if what mother nature throws at us is all we have to hang onto.  It ranks right up there with sports - there is such an element of uncertainty to what comes hurtling from the skies that we are glued to the weather channel, desperate for predictions of the future.  And it is so rare that anyone is right.  I don't know why they give specific times for things.  For example, today the snow wasn't supposed to start until 3 pm (according to and the snow began falling around 8 am.  Why not just say, shit's gonna go down sometime today, get milk and toilet paper.

There is something about snow, no matter how many times I see it fall or how much comes bucketing down, it is always magical.  I recall being in grade school and dancing around the dining room table with my pajamas inside out to implore snow, to get that snow day.  

I'll have you know I caused the blizzard of '96 with this method.

I feel like the cold and the snow didn't bother me as much when I was younger as they do now.  I would bound out into the woods behind our house with no thought to how cold the air was or how wet my mittens were going to become.  I honestly think it has everything to do with snow pants. 

Those things are fantastic, but they don't make them for adults.  Totes unfair, that is an untapped market!  How many of us want to go frolic (sound it out) in the snow and have epic snow fights, but don't want to have to go outside in jeans?  I'm gonna go with a shit-ton, that's how many!  And NO ONE is taking advantage of this market?  

If not for my love of acting and my complete ineptness in the ways of business, I would totally take advantage of that.

On a side not, Clash of the Titans (the new one) is a terrible film that completely destroys the myths involved and is incredibly disrespectful to the film its owes homage to.  Unacceptable.  Even Liam Neeson couldn't save this movie.  And is it just me, or is there something strange seeing Liam and Ralph Fiennes acting together again in such an abstract way?  After the performances they gave in Schindler's List, I would think they would choose something more grand to team up again.

Oh well, what do I know.

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