Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Western Medicine's Not Making A Good Case For Itself

Ladies and gentlemen, my mind is BLOWN.

We've been hearing claims for years that there is a link between autism and vaccines.  Thousands of parents opted out of getting their children vaccinated.  In 2008 there were more measles cases reported than in any year since 1997, and a study of these indicated that 90% of those who contracted measles had not been vaccinated.

Well, according to, the British study the began the anti-vaccination movement is a deliberate FRAUD.

Check it out here.

How are earth would this Dr Andrew Wakefield even consider that falsifying that kind of information wouldn't have long last negative effects?  And he didn't even do it for that much money, only $674,000!  Just so a bunch of lawyers could sue some vaccine companies.

I mean, I am just flabbergasted.  You are messing with people's health here!  It if wasn't for vaccines we would still be dealing with small pox and plague and who knows what else!

And what is even worse is that now, even by disproving this study added to the fact that no one has been able to duplicate his findings, many people are still going to have their children go without vaccines.  It even sounds like an old wives' tale - don't get vaccinated and your children won't have learning and functional disabilities.  Ranks right up there with putting a knife under the bed of a woman in labor to cut the pain in two.

That don't work.

Its good to know now that all of my problems are strictly from developmental and emotional scarring.  One less this to blame my troubles on.

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