Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why Would You Want To Drink A Rebel?

Rebels rebels everywhere but not a drop to drink.

Seems like everywhere you look these days there are people rebelling against the oppressive and awful.  Putting  tyrants and dictators in their place.

And their place is most definitely in the corner.

I was thinking about rebels and the whole notion of being a rebel.  I feel like most rebels that you see on TV always tend to look kinda unwashed and worse for the wear, but noble and idealistic, a little unorganized but full of passion and definitely willing to make due with what they can get, which is never much.

For all those good characteristics, there is an essential part of being a successful rebel that I feel like I never see.  

When do we ever see the planning process?

Follow me, won't you.

The rebel element to me is always portrayed as someone who is unwilling to wait another second for the freedom they crave; that freedom that people like you and me take for granted.  They are always chomping at the bit to get at the bad guys.  You can't hold them back - you can throw them down in a chair and tell them to ..."calm down, its just too much caffeine"... and they will curse you as a traitor and spit on your shoes.

And those were new shoes.

Do you think they take the proper time to plan out what would happen if they win?  I feel like they never think about that part.  I mean, they win and all, right?  There must be that inevitable moment of, "Ah, crap, we won.  What the shit do we do with this fucked up country now?"  

Cause you know that country isn't in great shape.  There are no real laws in place, and even if there were you would have to have a police presence to enforce it.  You would have to have a well organized military, ready to help peacefully transition from the old regime of death and gloom into the new one of bunnies and sunshine.  Add to the fact that the economy is probably fucked to all hell (unless you are an oil producing country, in that case you have no worries - except, of course, if you actually want to run your own country at all), the currency is worth nothing and some lint you found in your pocket and there is probably little to no medicinal services to be had.

No bueno, my friends.  No bueno.

I feel like as a rebel you would have to do some pillaging too.  There is just something so unsatisfying about sacking a city and walking out empty handed.  All the other less scrupulous rebels would laugh and point that you didn't even take that perfect cupcake in the window of the bakery.  If I lived in a town that was taken by rebel forces and someone took something of mine I think I would probably let them take it.  After all, they did win and they deserve something to remember their day of victory.  I'd be upset if it was something I particularly liked and all, but I'd be all, 'To the victor goes the spoils, my friends, and today, you are the victor."

But there is always tomorrow.

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