Monday, March 21, 2011

The Internet Is Wierd. Weird. Whatever.

Ok, so we all know that the world wide web is an odd and scary place.  The information - true, false and surreal - is up online and all relatively easy to find.  Especially if you know how to think like a computer.

Regardless, there are wonderful things to find too.

One of my very favorite websites for gifts and odd things in general is a website called Etsy.  It is a market place that sells odds and ends that are specifically handmade, vintage or antique.  I did just about all my Christmas - er, Multicultural Winter Holiday shopping through the shops on this website.

While it is chock-full of cool, awesome things; it is also home to some of the strangest and most unnecessary objects on the planet.

Let's begin with some I found recently.

We'll start slow.


At first glance, this is kinda cute.  A simple, lace collar.  Many women would see this and think, wow, I could put this on with that cute dress of mine! But let's think about this.  This piece serves absolutely no purpose.  It won't help with warmth or anything, its not a piece of jewelry.  Price?  Between $25 and $40 - not including shipping.

I had to make this picture big so you could get the full effect of this creation.  When I first saw this picture I was a little confused what it was selling.  Then I realized.  It's a scarf knitted into a single sleeve.  One.  Sleeve.  So if your neck and right arm is cold, buy this item.  For the low low price of $200.  I'm not even joking.  Nor am I joking when I tell you that if you search the term "sleeve scarf" in Etsy you get upwards of 100 results.

Ahh, who wouldn't want a pre-stained dress?  Obviously this dress is for messy people who like creepy dolls on their clothing.  Less work for you!  Price?  This one's only $55 for something that looks like you stole it off a homeless person.

You can tell by this picture that this hat is bad news.  Even the model wearing it is unhappy.  It looks like someone was trying to make a purse and it went drastically wrong somewhere and the creator decided, "Hey, I'll just put it on my head!  Now it's a hat!  Tada!"



Ok, before I even go into this hat in detail, I wanted to share the name the creator gave this hat.  It is the Thought Transfer Station Headdress.  Yeah.  This is seriously something for sale.  For sale for $385.  Not even kidding.  

I don't think I have to say anymore.

I have one last website to share with you today.  I couldn't even bring myself to put pictures of it up on this post because I was so creeped out.

Ahh, the internet. 


  1. Tell me you've see regretsy. If not, go now. You will love it.

  2. Kate, that is . . . AMAZING. And slightly terrifying. Thank you so much for sharing!