Thursday, December 9, 2010

Six Foot, Seven Foot, Eight Foot BUNCH

I have a photographic memory.

At least I think I do. I remember things in pictures, say if I am memorizing lines I can see where they are on the page in my head.

As a result, instead of getting songs stuck in my head, I get scenes from movies stuck in my head.

For example, I can watch a movie once or twice and I can replay the entire movie back in my head. Let’s take the astoundingly fantastic film Rob Roy. Many people who have seen it could recall the pinnacle scene between Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange. They may even recall the lines – “How fine you are to me.”; “And you to me!”. But can they remember the way Liam Neeson gazes at his wife, as injured as he is, wounded to the soul, the way he holds her face in his hands as she is his only salvation. Can they remember the little gasp of joy that escapes from Jessica Lange before she says her line as she realizes that her dearest husband still loves her as much as ever, even more for her strength and courage. Her relief and joy are palpable in each breath and word. How about the way the firelight shines off her hair, or the single tear that falls from her eye in the beginning of her line?

With all this in my head, what scene is it that keeps replaying over and over in my head?

Remember the scene from Beetle Juice when Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis make everyone at the dinner table dance to the song “Daylight Come and Me Want To Go Home”?

Yeah. That one.

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