Thursday, February 17, 2011

Old People Are Still People, I Guess

I was on the subway today during rush hour when I saw two middle aged cubicle dwellers in front of me.  They were talking about something, I wasn't really paying attention to what, but what caught my attention was at one point, these two spongy fellows celebrated some work related victory with a fist bump.

There was just something about these two men doing a fist bump that made me stop and go, "Huh".  It was just so out of character.  These were two bespectacled, unshaven, slightly slovenly gentleman who had allowed themselves to go past their prime employing a gesture that belonged to a group of people many generations beneath them.  It was so odd, so out of place, it made the whole train stiffen and look out of the corner of their eyes, trying to figure out just what had happened to ruffle the fabric of space and time.

This is supportive of my theory as to why Betty White is popular.

Yes, Ms. White is funny.  She is that slightly sweet, slightly dirty grandmother everyone wishes they had.  However, I don't find myself as completely enamored with her as the general population.  She is fine in some situations, but only because she says things that octogenarians "shouldn't" say.  

I am the last person who should be complaining about this, as I rely on this in my stand up on occasion to get a reaction out of my audience, but she is just so aware that she is saying these things.  Carol Burnett is the only person who could really look at the camera and wink, but I see Betty White constantly attempting that very thing, without actually winking.

People watch her because they are excited to see what she'll say next.  What crazy, inappropriate thing will she come up with next.  In that sense, I am worried about good ol' Betty.  I mean, come on, one of these days she's going to be saying those inappropriate things, people will be laughing and suddenly someone is going to realize that she is actually senile and her brain is slowly rotting in her head.  Maybe that's happening now!  Maybe she's not funny, she's just really fucking old.  She is just a couple months away from shitting her granny panties, hitting children with her cane and giving out meatloaf for Halloween.

Some people may read this and think, "Hey, you heartless bitch, why so much hate towards Betty White?"  

Erroneous, my friends.  Erroneous.

I have nothing but love for America's favorite grandma, I am just looking out for her.  I just don't want her to become some freak sideshow type character, where people put her in some cage and give kids those little cups filled with pellets to give her to try and get her to do something cute.  Then when her keeper isn't paying attention someone will throw something at her to try and get a reaction from her.  There's just some straw on the floor and a dirty water bowl in the corner.  

 . . . . 

Ok, basically what this post was supposed to encapsulate was that when people do things that is out of their generation gap, people stare.  

Yeah, I guess I kinda got away from that.

On a completely unrelated not, that song Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root.  Um, does the lead singer have a really serious speech impediment combined with learning English really late in life?  Cause I was just listening to the song while following along with the lyrics and what he said sounded nothing like what was written.

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